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So, its been a while since i last posted an instructable, sorry about that, its just that i got alot of errands to take care of and managing a team isn't that easy lol

Hey guys! today i'll be guiding you on how i made my mask (wolf's to be exact) from the game Payday.....out of paper!

(Sorry for being specific on the title, its just that i never even played the game, it was just a commission to me)

A short story on "why exactly did i make this mask"

Well, last year, a friend of mine set a commission for me to make all four masks, and yeah i wondered, "how the heck am i gonna get the mould for the face?!?!? i actually started off with using the arm cast and moulded it on my face.....and that's right you guessed it, it was crap. i really didn't work out well and heck the costs were too damn high.

well yeah, so i only managed to find a picture of two of those masks and by far, my best build is chains' mask. (see the 4th picture) dang, i kind of regret selling it so yeah lesson learned i guess? nah. it was a commission anyway.

So did you guys ever dream of having a mask from that certain favorite game or movie of yours? well another lucky day for you crafters, get past my guide and i guarantee that you'll never go looking for others to make your mask (that is unless you're a lazy ....) kidding aside, i hope you guys enjoy this instructable! goodluck and have fun!


Oh i did enter this to a handful of contests, i hope you vote for my entry, thanks so much!

Step 1: A Heist for Your Supplies

The title says it all, we have to plan out on what and how we are going to steal your supplies from your local craft store.....

Okay if you actually believed that, i ain't responsible for your heist.

So, enough of that. today we're gonna need the following:

• A roll of toilet paper
• Two paint brushes
• White Glue (lots of it)
• Plaster of paris/putty
• An assortment of paint (black and red in wolf's case)
• Clear spraypaint
• A syringe (optional when you don't have a fine paintbrush)
• A Paper mask (fyi, the mask didn't come with the markings)

Step 2: Making the Paper Filler

Oh, for the filler, to start off you're gonna need to heat up some water and gradually add your tissue paper and stir until they have been thoroughly spreaded out. (go check out the first four pictures for some reference)

Once you're good.. go drain out ALL the water yeah that's right, make sure no water drips when you squeeze the tissue pulp, just leave it moist to the touch

Almost done! so here's for the fun yet messy part, it was really hard taking pictures with my phone at this point so sorry for the quality...

Add 1/4 cup of white glue and 1/5 cup of the putty to your mixture. Remember! this ratio is for 1 roll of tissue paper.

Mix both sauces until you get the filler to be really smooth and soft. By smooth i mean you can press fine details on the filler's surface. (See the last picture for the desired consistency lol)

Step 3: Choosing Your Mask and Laying Out

Okay, now for some research! (ew?) just kidding, here are some examples for this mask. Anyway i'll leave this step to you guys, so go get out there and choose your mask!

then use a pencil and copy as much details as you can to your mask. Tip: Go look for a picture that gives off The most detail for you to copy. (Hey! check out the last picture)

Step 4: Placement of Fillers

So hey guys use the last picture as your reference alright?

Go start filling out the necessary parts of your mask, make sure that your edges are properly moulded to avoid separation. (See the second picture for reference)

Hoping that my pictures provide as a good enough guide

Good luck and have fun!

Step 5: Painting Wolf

Awesome! so you probably passed the last step huh? Don't worry even i didn't get the mouth perfect but hey its probably good enough eh?

So in this step, go use the last picture as your reference to painting okay?

Yeah so go grab your pallet and start painting! don't forget to dilute your paint if you're gonna be using poster paint!

man, if you have a fine paint brush, you're probably gonna pull this off better than i did so better go look for one

So, once you're done you'll probably notice and say "Hey! this doesn't even look like the real thing!"

Yo, you aint done yet! go check out the next step, this is gonna be amazing.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

So, the secret ingredient to artisnal mask making: The clear enamel spray paint!

Go give a generous spraying to your mask, you won't regret it. then you will instantly be saying "oh daaaaaamn son this is the real deal!"

yeah you'll probably even wanna wear it already...well, don't. The best things in life wait (naks)

just kidding, we're almost done anyway.

Step 7: Robbing a Bank?

So yeah how did you guys do so far? i just realized later that my mask's mouth went wrong..... AGAIN. this is by the way, my second time to make wolf's mask so i guess i have improved significantly? (he he i hope so)

I'll be showing you my other builds and so far, chains was my perfect mask

Hey guys, don't forget to comment! i wanna hear your suggestions like which ratio worked out for you guys and perhaps, requests maybe?

ah, now that's done time to go back to bed, its now 4:15 and i gotta get up for school an hour for now :P

i hope you enjoyed this instructable!


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    Reply 7 years ago

    For like $40. This is a cheaper way and it's a lot more fun making things yourself.


    7 years ago

    Is this mask supposed to go on your face, or is it a display only?


    7 years ago

    Try using flour and water to make a "glue" than use it to layer newspaper to make it shaped the way you want it. After that sand it so it's smooth and paint. It'll look perfect


    8 years ago on Introduction

    A step i would have added before painting is a few layers of painted on glue or some sort of smooth clear coat to make it look less rough by the end. the shaping is very well done on this and I plan to copy this method for my Wolf costume, and if I get the chance to post a picture or two on here I will just to show you how it turns out


    8 years ago

    Would it work better to do some sanding before the paint job? Because it has a rough texture to the paint and you can see some of the underlying filler.