Introduction: Payment Terminal for the Visually Challenged

Aim of this project is to improve the experience of the visually challenged, while making cashless transactions in public.

What is a payment terminal?
A point of sale terminal (POS terminal) is an electronic device used to process card payments at retail locations.Nowadays payment terminals are used almost everywhere to accept digital payments / transactions in local stores, coffee shops, hospitals, hotels, etc.


Arduino UNOU

RFID reader (generic)

4 * 3 Keypad


Light Dependent Resistor

SD card

Hot glue gun (generic)

Step 1: Headphones Installation

The headphones would be first put on by the user. LDR detects whether the headphones are properly put on. It ensures the saftey while the transaction is processed. The transaction gets cancelled if the headphones are removed.

Step 2: Scanning the Card

The card is swiped/ read by the RFID reader/magnetic strip sensor and checks whether the card is valid or not. If it is not valid then it stops the program.

Step 3: Register the Entered Numbers

The input is taken from the numpad keys attached to the Arduino board.

Step 4: Sound Start Play

The appropriate audio (.mp3) files are played that are stored onto the SD card.

Step 5: The Inner Shape of the Box and the Circuit Connection

The wires are connected in a more arranged order to enable all the elements to be seen

Step 6: Arduino Code (SD Card) & the Second Arduino (keypad)

Step 7: