Introduction: Peace in the White House

This Christmas ornament represents the Jewish religion and the Christian religion coming together to produce peace in the white house. On the back of the ornament, there is an embedded peace sign that keeps these two religions together. Also on the front, you can see two Christmas tress that act as points for the Jewish star. The words around the ornament say: "WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER".

The STL file is attached of this specific ornament, but you can follow the steps below to make a similar, identical or completely different ornament on your own.

Other Information:

I am a senior in high school that was part of an engineering class that took the challenge to create an ornament to be in the white house. This is the ornament I came up with, however there are also 20 students in my class that each came up with their own designs. We hope that one of our designs makes it into the top 8. That would be a great accomplishment for the class.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

A series of simple shapes, and letters can go a long way. This ornament used circles, triangles, thin rectangles and letters.

Step 2: Then Assemble Your Individual Shapes

This picture shows how the individual letters and shapes were put together to create bigger and more complicated shapes and visuals.

Step 3: Start Over Lapping

Take the complicated shapes and visuals, and put them all together. Playing with different heights and depths and holes.

Step 4: End With Your Finished Product!

Now you have a ornament that you can be proud of and hang where ever you want. Either on your Christmas tree or go ahead and hang it from your menorah.

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