Introduction: Peaches' Delight

This desert will make everyone from your family happier and will definitely become one of your favs! Don't miss a chance to make this amazing and beautiful cake :)

Step 1: Get the Cake and the Icing Ready

1. Get your favorite vanilla cake from the store and bake it using the instructions given on the box.

2. Icing is really easy to cook too. You will need 14 ounces of sour cream and 5 ounces of the sugar powder. You will have to slowly add the sugar powder to the sour cream, while mixing it with a blender. Mix it until the sour cream rises and becomes puffy.

There you go. Few more steps to go! :)

Step 2: Cutting Time

1. Cut your vanilla cake into three equal pieces as shown in the picture.
2. Cut the canned peaches in squares and pretty slices. Don't forget to divide them into two different bowls.

Step 3: Building the Cake

1. Now, take the first slide of the vanilla cake and pour some icing on it, put some of the squared pieces of canned peaches on the top of the icing. Then, repeat the process with two pieces cake of that are left.

2. Whenever you are done and you have the top layer of the cake uncovered, pour the rest of icing on the top, and spread it around the cake (from all of the sides).

3. Put the cake in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes until the icing cools off.

Step 4: Decorating Is Life

1. Get the sliced peaches and start decorating. I chose this "rose" style because I'm totally in love with it. To make this amazing design you should start putting slices outside the circle slightly on the top of each other. Then, move on to the next "inside" circle and continue until you have the small space inside left. I decided to get some blueberries and add them to the cake's look.

2. Not only this cake is looking absolutely gorgeous, but its taste will never leave you without feelings. It will make you joyful and happy. I can definitely promise that because the third week in a row I'm making this cake non-stop for all of my family.

3. ENJOY! :) xoxo

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