Introduction: Peacock 3D Origami

There is a time when you want to see how far can you go with your time and dedication in order to create something beuatiful that makes you understand express the meaning of art.

In this tutorial, we will see how paper can be transform into an amazing paper escuplture! A 3D origami peacock that is made out of 2000 individual pieces!

Art can come in many ways, and here is our turn to be part of it, transmiting our pation by making our own proyect made out of simply paper and glue (just a little).

For this peacock you well need to use

  • 1 package of blue paper, (You will use a lot)
  • 3 dark green papers
  • 3 light green papers
  • 3 pink papers
  • 3 red papers
  • and 3 yellow papers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A lot of dedication and so much more patience, but the result is really worth of it.

Step 1: How to Make the Initial Pieces


First of all you need to make all the tiny pieces that will be the basic unit of our peacock.

2. Star by cutting small rectangles of your blue paper 3.7 of width and 5.7 of length.

3. Fold each rectangle by the half, you need to fold it horizontally by all the length of the rectangle, then draw an imaginary line in the middle of that rectangle. Take one corner of the rectangle and fold it towards the line, as shown in the fourth picture. Do exactly the same with the opposite corner.

4. Turn over your piece, you will have a big triangle, with two rectangles as a base, take the external corner and fold it towards the base of the triangle. Do the same with the opposite corner of the other rectangle, then fold each rectangle by the line of the base of the triangle.

Finally fold the triangle by the half, and this is will be your basic construction piece

Step 2: Body of the Peacock

1. Start by stacking three of your basic blue pieces, as shown in th first picture, each Little triangle in its base has two “pockets”, and in the top has two point ends. Stack the pieces so each poin fits into one “base pockets”, so the final result should be a three piece figure that assembles as it was a ladder.

2. It its necessary to glue all the pieces when you stack them. (In all steps from now on) 3. You need to have 18 figures consisting of three pieces, and you need to stack them each three piece figure to another, so the two first point ends of one figure fits into the two base pocket of another figure. 4. Continue doing the step to, until you get a whole circle out of the 18 three-piece figure, as shown in the final picture.

Step 3: Body of the Peacock (Continue)


You will need the base of the circle made in the previous point. Then start stacking the figures in a pyramid-type mode, where the two proximal point ends of the pieces fit into the two “pockets”, add as much as pieces you need in order to complete seven rows of pieces, this will be your “pyramid-type mode stacking process”

2. After the seven levels are completed, you will need to start making the chest of the peacock, so you need to stack only 9 pieces right on top of the piece, where the two points end fits into the two “base pockets”.

3. Start stacking the new levels of pieces into a pyramid-type mode, by putting 8, 7 and so on until you reach a 2 piece level. This would be the beginning of the neck of the peacock.

Step 4: Base for the Feathers


First take 18 pieces and put them right next to each other, it is recommended to glue them, after that you need to stack them as a pyramid mode, the next 19 pieces, this will be your second level.

2. The next level consisting of 18 pieces, will be by alternating one blue piece and one yellow piece, stack them as a pyramid mode.

3. Add another layer of blue pieces stacked as the pyramid mode.

4. Add another layer of red pieces stacked one right on top of the other. As shown in the fourth figure.

5. Add two more layers, just as the step fourth, colors are optional.

6. Continue by selecting one of the 19 end pieces, and stack two pieces as an “invert pyramid mode”, so the next level would have 3 pieces. Do exactly the same with each of the 18 remaining end pieces.

Step 5: How to Make the Feathers


The feathers will consist of three diamonds connected by stacked pieces.

2. For the first diamond you will use one the three piece end, one of the 19 ends. You need to stack the two pieces in a invert pyramid mode to the three piece end, to finally stack one on top of that, stack another piece right on top of it, and make a diamond of 4 pieces of width. Then connect the final diamond of 5 piece width with the previous diamond with two stacked piece.

3. Repeat step 2 with each of the 19 feathers.

4. In all, each feather should consist of one diamond of three pieces width connected with 1 stacked piece, to the second diamond of 4 pieces of width connected with 2 stacked pieces to finally a 5 width diamond.

5. You can alternate whatever color you want to use in order to make different types of wings.

Step 6: How to Make the Wings


In order to make the two wings, you need to take 2 pieces and stack the third one as a pyramid mode.

2. The previous step will make you have 4 point ends, stack 1 piece in the external point end of one of the 2 base pieces, do the same with the other base piece. This will result as shown in the second image.

3. Continue stacking as it is shown on the third image.

4. You will need to stack the pieces of the wings as a diamond mode, first as a invert pyramid mode until you reach 8 pieces width and then as a pyramid mode until you reach 1 piece level.

5. You will have completed the wings, then just glue them to the feathers

Step 7: How to Make the Neck, Head, Legs and Feet.


For making the neck, you will need to continue from point 3 on the step 2 of the whole process.

2. From the 2 base pieces, you need to stack 1 more on top of them, and then 2 and then 1 and so on until you reach 7 levels of pieces.

3. For the head use another color to make the distinction. We used yellow, and just add another 1 and then 2 pieces stacked on top of the previous.

4. For the Legs, start by staking 8 pieces right on top of the another. The feet will be 3 then 2, and finally 3 pieces stacked and then just glued to the legs.

5. Glue the legs to the body

Step 8: Your Final Peacock

As a result of gluing

all the pieces, and hard work, you will have made your own 3D origami peacock.

Let your imagination explode and with this as your first model, make so much more!

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