Introduction: Peacock Feather Ballpoint Pen

This is a very fast and easy DIY craft to make for a gift in a hurry.

The advantage to this design is that the feather is attached to the cap of the pen, so once the pen is dead the feather and cap can easily be transfered to a new pen.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies and Tools.

You will need some peacock feathers, a small stick of glue for a hot glue gun, ball point pens that have a hole in the cap, a craft knife, and a lighter.

Step 2: Prepare the Glue.

There are two ways of preparing the glue, with the same result.

Method 1: Slice small discs of glue from the hot glue stick. Cut those discs in half.

Method 2: Carefully slice down the middle of the hot glue stick, perhaps just an inch or so down from one end. Then, slice pieces off.

Either way, your glue pieces should end up about the same size and shape.

Step 3: Insert the Glue Pieces Into the Hole at the Top of the Pen Caps

Each cap gets exactly one piece of the glue cut from the hot glue stick.

Step 4: Prepare the Feathers.

Cut the "eye" part of the feather from the rest of the feather stem. Save some of the stray feather pieces and discard the rest.

Step 5: Heat Up the Glue, Insert Feather.

Carefully use the lighter to heat up the glue. Insert the peacock feather into the hot glue, into the top of the pen cap. Take some of the stray feather pieces and wrap around the top of the pen cap where the feather was inserted. There should be enough glue to wrap around two of the feather pieces. Adjust the "eye" of the peacock feather so it is sticking straight up.

You must move quickly in this step. Do not attempt to reheat the glue with the lighter once the feather has been attached because you will burn the feather.