Peanut Butter Creams




Introduction: Peanut Butter Creams

Peanut Butter Creams are a quick, simple, and delicious treat for chefs of all ages to create!

Step 1: Gather Materials and Ingredients


Rubber Scraper

Metal spoon

Can Opener (if needed to open sweetened condensed milk)

Mixing Bowl

Measuring cups (2 cup measuring cup, 1 cup measuring cup)

Refrigeratable container to store the creams when finished


Creamy Peanut Butter (2 cups)

Sweetened Condensed Milk (1 cup)

Powdered Sugar (1 cup)

Chocolate Chips (2 cups)

Step 2: Wash Your Hands

Because there is no heat in the cooking process, your hands must stay clean from start to finish for this recipe.

Step 3: Measure Sweetened Condensed Milk

Pour 1 cup of sweetened condensed milk into the mixing bowl. Scrape milk container/measuring cup with a metal spoon until it is as clean as possible.

Step 4: Measure Out 1 Cup Powdered Sugar

Add 1 cup of powerdered sugar to the sweetened condensed milk in the mixing bowl.

Step 5: Stir Powdered Sugar Into Sweetened Condensed Milk

Stir until there are no lumps of powdered sugar in the mixture in the mixing bowl.

Step 6: Add Peanut Butter to the Mixing Bowl

Add 2 cups of peanut butter to the mixing bowl.

Step 7: Stir in Peanut Butter Into the Mixture in the Mixing Bowl

The mixture will turn slightly stiff and the mixture should no longer be sticky like peanut butter is by itself.

Step 8: Measure 2 Cups of Chocolate Chips

Measure 2 cups of chocolate chips to the peanut butter mixture

Step 9: Stir in Chocolate Chips

Stir the chocolate chips into the peanut butter mixture until evenly distributed in the dough. Do not over mix, it will become crumbly.

Step 10: Roll and Put Into Refrigerator Appropriate Container.

Roll dough pieces into about 1 inch diameter balls. Place balls in a refrigerator appropriate container for storage. Place container in fridge when done making/consuming them until gone.

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4 years ago

Love these & easy to make! Thanks for sharing.


5 years ago

These are delicious!


5 years ago

I believe a lot of people don't wash their hands thoroughly enough to form these with bare hands. A lot of people after washing their hands will actually use their cleaned hands to touch/turn the faucet off (how clean is that faucet handle?). They will even then use a cloth hand towel that they have been using for days. Therefore, their hands are still filthy. ....... That said, I always use paper towels to dry my hands with and to use to shut off the faucet. THEN, I use sterile medical grade vinyl gloves on my hands when it is time to handle the food, such as these to form into the balls. I may seem like a germ freak (and actually I am), but what I do is exactly what is done in restaurants and food factories.

I have made these before. I have some suggestions of some other ingredients you could add to the recipe: Besides chocolate chips, what about White chocolate chips. What about other types of nuts pieces too, such as pecans, macadamia nuts or black walnuts. Or, sweetened shredded coconut. How about pieces or whole pitted dates or even raisins. You can even form this over pretzels or break up the pretzels to put into it. Also, I've finished these by rolling/coating some of them in the powdered sugar. ...... So, you could end up making a whole lot of different varieties to put into a tin or package to give as a very nice gift.


5 years ago

Question: Can you make it without sweetened condensed milk? Otherwise it sounds easy and awesome


5 years ago

Yeah, I agree. Adding chocolate to peanut butter?? That's crazy. You got chocolate in my peanut butter!! You got peanut butter on my chocolate!!


5 years ago


My family has been making peanut butter candy with this same basic recipe for 40 years, and I can't believe we've never once thought to add chocolate chips. I think we've been missing out . . . !

Great instructable, thank you for sharing this! :)