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Lets make peanut butter.

A salty version, or rather one that won't really be appropriate for sweet things.

Step 1: Requirements

Foodwise :
-peanuts (1cup)
-juice from lacto fermented lemons or simple Lemon juice (2tbs)
-oliv oil (2tbs)
-salt (a pinch) but NOT needed if made with juice from fermented lemons

-blender/food processor

Step 2: Note

The Idea there, was to found a use for the juice that is left out of my lacto fermented lemons, once eaten.
Lemons that you cut in quarters (not all the way through), then fill with salt, and place into a jar.
Wait a couple of days, until lemons gave out all their juice out, and level up with water if needed (juste so the lemons are covered up/not in contact with air)
I already use it from time to time for salade dressings. Tastes great, and salts the dressing.
But since I make those all the time, I have quite a huge amount of that juice.
So I decided to incorporate it into a peanut butter confection.

Step 3: Blend It All

Quick and easy step there.
Simply pour the peanuts into your blender.
Mix it until you can't anymore (it will form a compact mass).
Then add the juice and the oil, and mix it until it becomes creamy.

Step 4: Note

I should point out that you can defenetly make it with standard Lemon juice. In which case you should add that pinch of salt. (I do not with the juice from fermented lemons, since the juice is already very salty).

Plus, I need to specify that the Oliv oil that I use to make it, comes from the jar in which I preserve the garlic confit that I make.(recipe at the end)
And I highly recommand it because it is very well infused with garlic ans herbs.
Added to that lemon flavor, makes it a real treat.
But plain Oliv oil is clearly ok.

The perfect result (in my regards) is achieved with those to "left out ingredients" that or full of rich flavors, and combines really well for that salty version or peanut butter.
But I've tried it with "standard" juice and oil, and the result is more than ok.

Plus, you could play around with some spicies for some interesting combinations (cumin for exemple...).

Most of the time, I'll eat that peanut butter with raw vegetables (especially cauliflower).
But you can spread it on some bread, or use it as a base for other dressings, dips, or sauce!

Step 5: Careful

You just need to be careful of the temperature into you blender.
I usually prepare it with the proportions I gave you there. Proportions that allow me to use a much smaller and better blender.
One that does not heat up easely.
But this time, I 've made it with 4 cups of peanuts. So I was forced to use the one on those pictures.
Saddly, it quickly heats up inside the bowl.
And the mixture can react to that heat.
You will end up with an oily and "Sandy/sticky" texture. Not the nice creamy one.
It will affect the taste a little bit aswell, but not in a dramatic way. (In fact it is also interesting)

Step 6: Bonus Recipe

Garlic confit:
-Garlic cloves (as much as wanted), peeled.
-Coconut oil (enough to cover up the garlic in the pan)
-Herbs (thyn, bay leaf, your preferences)
-Oliv oil

Heat up the Coconut oil in a pan, add the garlic and herbs.
Do not bring it to boiling point.
Let it cook gently for an hour or two. (Depending on how luch garlic ans oil...)
When a knife goes effortlessly through the clove, it usually is ready. (You can even stop it a bit earlier than that).
While the oil is still hot, pour it into a jar, but without the garlic.(now you have a batch of garlic infused Coconut oil)
Drop your cloves and herbs in some other jar, and fill it up with Oliv oil. (Set aside for at least a couple of weeks before eating it)

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