Introduction: Pearl Necklace With Oyster Shell Charm

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I have participated in the National Oyster Cook Off in Leonardtown, MD almost every year since 2007. When I go to cook offs, I like to make the other finalists a little gift. This pearl necklace was what I had made for each of the finalists in 2019. I was happy that I still had everything I need to make one of these pretty necklaces for this Instructable. Follow along to see how you can easily make one. I think they are quite pretty!

Step 1: Oyster Cook Off, Oct. 16, 2021

Here are a couple of photos of me preparing my dish called "Fried Oysters Over Cashew Sesame Noodles" at the Oyster Cook Off this past October.

Step 2: Supplies for the Necklace

bead and jewelry cord

measuring tape

pearl bead strands

2 little boxes or dishes


1 split ring

optional charm of choice


small scissors

Step 3: Measure the Cord

I decided to make a 16-inch necklace so the cord needed to be about 20 inches long. Measure the cord 20 inches with the measuring tape and cut it. This allows enough extra cord to make knots at each end.

Step 4: Measure the Beads

Since the beads come on strings, lay them end-to-end. Measure 16 inches of beads. Snip the string at that spot to remove the unwanted beads.

Step 5: Separate the Beads

I counted out the beads. This necklace will use 66 pearl beads. Count half which is 33 pearl beads. Place them in a little box or dish. Place the remaining 33 pearl beads in another little box or dish.

Step 6: Tie the Clasp

Make a knot connecting one end of the clasp to the cord.

Step 7: Connect the Ring

Put the optional charm onto the split ring. Close the ring using the pliers, securing the charm onto the ring.

Step 8: Start Threading Beads

Push each bead from one box onto the cord.

Step 9: Push Them Down

Without making them too tight, push all 33 of the beads down to the tied-on clasp.

Step 10: Add the Charm

Using the connected split ring, thread the charm onto the cord. This will be the center of the necklace.

Step 11: Add More Beads

Thread the remaining 33 pearl beads onto the cord.

Step 12: Almost Done!

Here are just a few beads left to thread.

Step 13: Unscrew the Clasp

Since this clasp screws together, separate the clasp by unscrewing it.

Step 14: Make a Knot

Thread the clasp onto the other end of the cord next to the last bead. Tie a knot to secure the clasp in place.

Step 15: Now Snip

Cut off the excess cord.

Step 16: It's Finished!

Here is the completed necklace!

Step 17: So Pretty!!!

I think the necklace is really pretty. You can string a charm in the center or leave it out. And you can use this method to make any kind of beaded necklace in any length you choose!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Instructable showing how you can make a pearl necklace!!! I really enjoyed making it!!!!

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