Introduction: Pearl Ring (Simple and Easy!)

I had this pearl ring from my mother. I had gotten it years ago, and it no longer fits. I decided to reverse-engineer it. I hope you like this instructable! If you do, please vote for it in the Jewelry Contest!


20 gauge wire, the original ring is bronze wire, but I didn’t have any so I used copper

Wire cutters

Small tipped pliers

Sharpie or something to make the ring round

Pearl bead

Step 1: Choose Wire/pearl

I attempted to get the pearl and wire closest to what I had. I did not want to have to go to another store because the virus makes everything slow. Last time I went to Joanns Fabrics I spent 45 minutes and only got like 3 things. I repeat, everything takes longer. The pictures above show the wire and pearl I used.

Step 2: Cut Wire

Measure the length around your ring. The wire wraps around the finger 4 times. Use your finger circumference plus about 2cm to be safe. I used 26 cm.

Step 3: Wrap Wire

Wrap the wire around the cylindrical object. I used this lip gloss container because it fit my finger better. DO NOT wrap it around tight like I did the first 15ish times because it will not fit on your finger. It’s ok if the wire looks like the second picture because you will press the rings together later. Try on your ring before you continue to the next step.

Step 4: Shape Ends of Wire

You will need to make a sorta nest for the pearl to fit in. The picture is self-explanatory. Press the four rings together while you’re doing this because that’s what it will look like in the end.

Step 5: Second Piece of Wire

Now for the second piece of wire. It twirls around the ring as you can see in the picture. Cut about 10cm of wire

Step 6: Wrap Wire #2

Wrap your second piece of wire like shown.

Step 7: Try On

Try your beautiful ring on! Please vote for it in the jewelry contest and comment pictures if you made it!

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