Introduction: Pedal for Dustbin (silly Solutions)

New pedal for dustbin made through 3D desigining and printing, replacing the last one which just broke.

Measures are obtained from original dustbin, so it isn't an universal model at all!

Step 1: Internal Part

First of all, we must model the pedal shape as we want. In this case, it consists of a square with two triangular prisms, one in front of it (not too wide) and other one on it. That's how we obtain the ideal shape for our final result.

Next, we must focus on the internal part. The pedal must present a gap for the support to fit in, as well as another one because from the support two screws rise up.

Step 2: Screws

Then, we must make the holes for the screws we will use to hold the pedal with the support.

We must place to cylinders in the same position as the wholes are located and with the same diameter as the screws.

We must also make two hollows for the heads of the screws in the upper part of the pedal to fit in it and to ensure they are well inserted.

Step 3: Print!

Print the pedal and place it in the support, inserting the screws.

There it goes, a new pedal which is incredibly resistant! It will be difficult for it to break again!

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