Pedal Powered Washing Machine Mark 2 - Improved Speed & Spin Function. Machine a Laver a Pedales

Introduction: Pedal Powered Washing Machine Mark 2 - Improved Speed & Spin Function. Machine a Laver a Pedales

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Wash day will never be the same again. Easy to make bicycle-powered washing machine all from recycled materials.  Read, think, cycle and wash clothes all at the same time using zero electrical energy and no bill. All water goes directly onto the plants in the front garden and once a year I take the rinsings and wash the car , whether it needs it or not. We've been using this modified bicycle washing machine for over a year now. I still keep going back to the tip in the hope of getting some more parts for an even faster spin but I'll have to wait for the start of the tourist season for the bikes to start turning up again.  Any questions or suggestions feel free to comment.
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Mark II: Amélioration de la vitesse et la fonction d’essorage. Nous utilisions notre machine à  laver à  pédales modifiée pendant plus d'un an maintenant. J’ai  toujours  l'espoir d'obtenir des pièces pour un essorage encore plus vite, mais je vais devoir attendre le début de la saison touristique pour trouver les vélos à la déchetterie. Vous avez des questions ou des suggestions n'hésitez pas à commenter

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    6 years ago

    Increible buen aporte amigo creo que servira para que en esos sitios que todavia lavan a manos puedan disfrutar de su lavadora sin esfuerzos economicos con un poco de ejercicio.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is excellent! We have just bought a home with front loader who's electrics are gone, have aquired an old semi derelict bike and have been looking around for the best method to combine the two, i think you've nailed it!
    Did you just include a valve to let water out to drain? Any need for a pump?
    What are you looking for at the tip to improve the design?
    I am no engineer but am very keen to minimize use of electricity and maximize simplicity in our home. Thanks for the great instructable!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, Allison, Thanks!! Great to hear you are starting this project. The above has been washing for one and a half years now and I still haven't got around to adding gears to improve the spin drying. To tell the truth it takes enough water out to put the clothes on the line and dry quickly outside. Also obviates the need for ironing!!!

    With regards to the water - it just drains by gravity when you lower the pipe - so that's why I raised it on the pallet, to have enough room for a watering can so as to collect water for the front garden.

    To improve the spin speed, which actually would be an idea for the Winter, I would scavenge the gears off a bicycle at the Dump. I am waiting for the start of the tourist season here, when we get a regular influx of bikes. So, anytime after the 14th July, I should be posting another instructable.

    Do check your washing machine for leaks before you start the conversion!

    All the very Best and please contact me if you need any further info.

    Andy aka Organikmechanic