Introduction: Pedalboard Wood Case

I found this old cookware box in the trash. By great coincidence I was desperate something to store and carry my pedals.

Step 1: The Box

That was the case. This blue cloth is glued directly on the wood, so I preferred not remove it. I removed the hinges, the lock and these two pieces of wood that appear inside.(I was so stuck together that I thought it would break the cover).

There was a sticker in one of the cover. I sanded and spent varnish again.

Step 2: Assembling

I bought these locks, brackets and various nails and screws. The handle I had an old bag. I kept my coat brand of cutlery.

I spent less than $ 20 with the material.

Step 3: Finishing

I bought Velcro to the pedals. The last picture reflects the final result: acoustic foam used to fill the cover, the power source is fixed with a little Velcro. The red cable goes to the amplifier and black for my guitar.

Future plan to add a better energy source and a wah pedal.