Pedestal Fan Cord Repair

Introduction: Pedestal Fan Cord Repair

Greetings! My dog decided that the cord to the pedestal fan was a tasty treat and chewed right through it. Now the cord was half the length and the plug was missing. I could have tossed it but fixing it was a much better option.

Step 1: Equipment Needed

Two items required are:

  • plug
  • screwdriver

Step 2: Wiring

Make sure the copper is exposed from the insulation of the wire. My dog did a fine job with this part. Next, make sure that the plug is wired correctly. The gold post is positive (+) and the silver post is negative (-). Take the copper and twist it and wrap it between the post and the screw and tighten with the screwdriver. Do this for both posts and then assemble the plug.

Step 3: Working Pedestal Fan

After the plug was assembled, I plugged it in and tested. The fan works like a champ and more importantly I saved it from the scrap heap. You can repair the plug on most electrical devices, so this isn't limited to just fans. Happy Fixing!

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