PeeCam 808 -the $12, 5 Min DIY Action Cam!




Introduction: PeeCam 808 -the $12, 5 Min DIY Action Cam!

Action cameras like the excellent GoPro Heros allow people to shoot their own action sequences, -and while their not terribly expensive (considering the high quality footage you can get from some rather heavy situations), wouldn't it be fun too see how far you could get with....say just 12 USD?

Enter the "PeeCam 808" !

Step 1:

Here's some stuff I've used to assemble it, -though you could complete the whole project witout any tools at all, as you'll see in the following steps

Step 2:

What you DO need, is a cheap "key chain spy camera", often referred to as the "808 camera". You can find versions e.g on eBay. I got mine from for about 11 USD, including shipping all the way from Hong Kong.

I already had a microSD memory card that I could use for this project.

Step 3:

The 808 cameras are of course not waterproof, which was a concern, as I wanted to film my windsurfing.

So, I spent another 1USD at the pharmacy for a "specimen container", -or a pee bottle, if you prefer...

-Will this prevent water from damaging the camera?

Well, do you trust this bottle on the day of your doctor's appointment, from getting your schoolbooks or whatever in your pack from being damaged by.. well, urine?

Let's have a go, the camera's only 11USD anyway!

Step 4:

I used a piece of packaging foam to wedge the 808 firmly inside the bottle. This also had the nice effect of getting the camera lense away from the plastic "tip" at the center of the bottle's base (remains from the plastic moulding process, I guess).

-Yes, we'll just be filming thru the transparent bottom of the bottle, thus the need for the colorless, transparent pee bottle.

Step 5:

I added a few zip ties, which I also secured to the bottle with some hot glue: a long one along the side, attached by the two going around the bottle.

The long zip tie then was closed, thus serving as a handle or a loop for securing the PeeCam to whatever object you want later.

Step 6:

Here we go!

Start up the camera, put it in the bottle, and go!

Note that I''m using a piece of tape also around the lid of the bottle, to avoid it from somehow becom unscrewed during the action.

For this shoot, the PeeCam 808 is gaffa taped to the top of my windsurf mast, -and the result can be seen in the video of this instructable's first step.

-Not bad for 12 dollars.... a wide angle lense would make this even better!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Your video is quite "soft" and seriously lacking in contrast, and while some of the fault doubtless lies with the dirt-cheap camera I suspect a lot of it has to do with the pee cup. Something a little more "optically clear" might be nice, such as a glass bottle or some sort of acrylic (or better yet polycarbonate) case.

    Regardless, this is nice! I think I will order one of those cameras just to have around for future projects, so thanks for pointing it out! :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction


    yes, the picture's definitly better when NOT filming thru this bottle.
    I'm currently looking at a wide angle lens, and considering if I should risk to drill a hole for it, so that this lens' end is _outside_ the bottle.
    -will I be able to seal the container waterproof?(hot glue enough?). Will the lens "survive" outside the bottle? will the lense itself leak water? We'll se....


    10 years ago on Introduction

    OK, your title had me "going" for a minute; not sure what we were going to see... great idea!