Peeps Diorama

Introduction: Peeps Diorama

The Peeps Diorama is a hands on project. Students use marshmallow Peeps to depict a scene from history.  Students are required to make the diorama as authentic as possible by referencing primary source photographs and documents.

Instructions are pretty self explanatory.  Students choose a scene or event from history. Students identify a primary source photograph or document to research information about the event. 

It works best if you use peeps that have been open for at least three weeks. This allows them to stiffen up and they will be easier to work with.

In my classroom we use a pizza box as a base. Shoe boxes or just a stiff piece of cardboard would be sufficient.  Students then construct, glue, dress and paint their creations.

The examples given were constructed by a fourth grader and a fifth grader. The first one is a diorama of a fairly well know picture of the first flight by the Wright Brothers. You can see that Orville and Wilbur Peep are both stages as they were in the photo and the Wright Glider was constructed from original sketches.  The second example was based on Paul Reveres famous engraving of the Boston Massacre. Careful placement of Colonel Preston standing behind his troops, as depicted in the engraving, earned extra points.

This is a great culminating activity for the end of the year.

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