Introduction: Peg Gun

this is a safe little fun peg gun which you can put a tiny scope or laser on. It is fun for kids and teens. You can also Change the shape to make it look like a Deagle or sniper or mp5.

You need wood, a peg, glue and thats about it

Step 1: The Wood

I used a 90 by 19 mm wood but you can change it. First Cut it out of the A4 paper. Then trace it on the wood.

Step 2: Cutting

I used a jigsaw but you can use anything else. So cut around the template.

Step 3: Ok So Now You Need

Ok so now you need to Cut it like the picture in here. After that glue the peg with hot glue gun or any glue on the right piece.

Step 4: Secure

Now find the length it is when its opened and glue some spare wood on either side to make it stay.

Step 5: Nails

I put nails on so it will be 3 shot semi automatic but you dont have to. Heres a video on how it shoots and the 3 shot system.