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Introduction: Pegboard Makeover

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I use a pegboard in my workshop to hold a few items that I use the most. But it looks kinda bland on the wall by itself. But with some leftover paint and trim it looks better.

Step 1: Before

Here is how it looked before the makeover.

Step 2: Parts Needed

This needs minimal supplies. First pick out some trim from your local home improvement store. If you dont have a miter saw you can have them cut the trim to the sizes you need at the store. They may be able to put the angles but I am not totally sure, square ends works too. Just not as nice.

Here is my trim pieces after cutting. Next we need some paint. Any kind of paint will work. I used up some leftover paint from when I repainted a room in my house. You could also use a stain or just leave it unpainted.

To assemble I used nails and my nail gun.

Step 3: Assemble

Safety first, I used safety glasses and earplugs since the compressor was also running. Id like to have my eyesight and hearing still when I get old.

Make sure the paint is dry. Otherwise you'll get fingerprints all over it and paint all over yourself.

Line up the trim and then start nailing it down. Keep an eye on the trim shifting.

You can leave spots from the nails as is or you can paint over them to cover them up. Depending on indent it might need some fill.

Step 4: Finish

Now you can hang your improved pegboard back on the wall.

This was a pretty simple afternoon project. If you make one let me know in the comments. Id like to see other variations or paint styles. Another Idea I had was to cover with stickers but I did not have many stickers.

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