Introduction: Pelican 1440 - Change Wheels

Changing the wheels of a Pelican model 1440 Case

Step 1: Obtain Wheels

Pelican Warranty (as of May 2015)

Canada : 1866-273-5422

I was asked for the model of the case, my name, address, and phone number for the shipping.

I didn't get billed as Pelican wheels are covered under their warranty.

Step 2: Remove Old Wheels

On the side of the wheel you can see an axle with a mushroom pin on top. Use a small steel flat head screwdriver to remove this. Just pry it off and it will come straight out.

Step 3: Prep Replacement

The replacement wheels came with new axles but those didn't have a nice mushroom head for future removal.

I used a wire brush to remove the old rust and re-used them.

Just use a mallet/hammer and anything that isn't your finger to push the axle back in with the new wheel. I used a bit of scrap dowel.

Step 4: Let Them See You Rollin'