Introduction: Pellet Catcher- for Plinking With Air Pistols.

Just a very quick Instructable.

I took my Air pistol around to my pals'  house.

They instantly enjoyed shooting every can from the recycling box.
(They acquired their own pistol within a week.)

We sit in the garden talking and taking it in turns to fire; it is relaxing and addictive.

But because I don't like spreading lead around, I elected to make a pellet catcher.

I used:
Various chunks of wood
Some old magazines and newspapers.
Some fabric or old clothing.
Some nails.
Any small metal lumps or brackets. (or just soda cans )
Some twine.

It took twenty minutes to make and looks like it took ten; and is odd shaped due to the wood available but it works fine.

Step 1: The Outer Part.

I wanted to be able to easily change the paper wadding in the catcher when needed.

I made an inner part that would hold the wadding in place.

THe outer part is simply a board with some batons nailed on.

Step 2: The Inner Part.

Again, very simple.

Just an open box sized to fit snugly in the outer part.

The odd shaped sides are due to the odd assortment of wood available; it worked out well,  though, because the large piece became an overhang to attach the targets.

Step 3: Fitting It Together With the Wadding.

I put in about a two inch thickness of paper and magazines.

I used an old t-shirt  (When he went out  , she gave me his t-shirt ).

Push the inner piece into the outer piece and it should hold together all nice and cosy.

Step 4: Add Some Targets and Test It.

I like things that go ding when you hit them.

I used a various washers, an old bracket that makes a great sound.

It works perfectly.

Because the targets are heavy, with some movement, the successful pellets just  fall to the floor. with a slight ringing sound.

The pellets that miss the targets either stick into the wadding or rebound no further than about 3 inches from the target onto a little mat; the sound is reduced too.

I am able to collect every used pellet, which will either go to the local salvage yard or become part of a project.

Happy Plinking!

Step 5: Nice Things.

Here are some nice guns; for targets only.

Step 6: UPDATE ...

We have discovered that a piece of roofer's lead placed in front of the padding makes a superb pellet catcher; they just stop dead with a thud and stay there.