Introduction: Peltier Cooler/Thermo Electric Cooler

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In this video i'm talking about TEC thermo electric cooler also known as peltier cooler. It's not the way to make refridgerator because it's cheap. TEC is very inefficiant it makes a lot of heat and cools not much. A single stage TEC will typically produce a maximum temperature difference of 70 °C between its hot and cold sides. The more heat moved using a TEC, the less efficient it becomes, because the TEC needs to dissipate both the heat being moved, as well as the heat it generates itself from its own power consumption. I bought it just to see how much energy it uses. It draws 4A when 12V supplied. Thanks for watching if you like this video then thumbs up and Subscribe to my youtube channel Testas. T.

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Step 1: Identification

All TECs have an ID printed on them. That way you can identify what peltier you have.