Introduction: Pen "Cross" Bow!

This is a Pen crossbow. It basically follows the same concept as the Bic pen bow, however it functions like a crossbow!

Step 1: Gathering Supplies!

To make this awesome crossbow you'll need:
1. 2 Bic pens (most other pens will do)
2. 1 rubber band
3. A cutting tool (knife or scissor)
4. Tape (optional)

Step 2: Disassemble the Pens

Now you will take apart the pens. I normally take a knife to the top part and thrust the cap off you can take the inner  the parts out from there.

Step 3: Cutting the Hole

Take the pen tube and cut the middle barrel with your knife or scissor

Step 4: Assemble

Take the part that was on top of the barrel and put it through the hole

Step 5: Assemble

Make grooves on both ends of the pen tube, this holds the band. Now take the band and stretch it onto the pentube

Step 6: Attachment

Now take the other pen barrel and cut it down to 3/4 its original size
Then take this tube and put it on the other side of the pen top.
                             *Note (you may tape this part to the other but it is not required)

Step 7: Shoot

Now take the pen ink cartridge and insert it in the hole, drawback untill it clicks in place
It should stay there with a pressure on the band.
Now simply push the pen and wahla it shoots.