Introduction: Pen Down Nature

Nothing could be more beautiful than nature. Or I must say no artist could compete the Almighty's creation! All we can do is to imitate , appreciate, enhance, appraise everything that's around us! Nature is the most beautiful part of our surroundings. Peace, love , soothing essence all are the attributes of nature! So here is a way to satisfy your desire for art and this would definitely quench your thirst for arts and crafts!
Enjoy the journey of art!


* Colors and colors all around , not a shade to choose! Choose any shade of color close to your heart!
*A pencil because I'm a beginner and would always be ! There's no scale to measure art and learning never ends!
*Humans are meant to make mistakes that's why pencils have erasers! So an eraser is must!
*A black pen if you're a beginner as me or a fine brush if you are pro!
*MOON signifies peace coz it's white! White color.
*A beautiful smile and enthusiasm to begin with!

Step 1: Sketch!

Any thing you keep gazing all day and still find it interesting or anything that you find beautiful and inspiring can be portrayed on your sheet! Any flower like rose , Lilly , tulips, lotus, asters, any leaves you would love to sketch! Sketch it with a pencil. Then trace these lines with the help of a black pen or a fine brush! Be cautious! Play some soft music for smooth flow of your hand along with the syllables of the song!

Step 2: Color Time!

Paint your art in the shade of your love! Paint the area left with the color you chose previously. Don't paint the piece of sketch you made! Paint the empty area around the sketch! Use fine brushes for smooth strokes! Don't leave any unnecessary imprints!

Step 3: Finishing Touch!

Enhance the beauty of your sketch by highlighting it with the help of white paint! Highlight all the curves and edges of the sketch using a fine brush! Fullfill your expectations and desires with this painting! And here you go! Here's a beautiful art made by you!

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