Pen Drive Eraser Case (quick, Cheap and Easy)




Introduction: Pen Drive Eraser Case (quick, Cheap and Easy)

This is my first instructable and it was hard to figure out how to post it but i figured it out. Anyway, I had an old pen drive and the only eraser that would fit it perfectly was the Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser. So i decided that i should make my first instructable. Hope you like it.(please comment).

Step 1: Materials

Okay, the items you will need are:
- Scissors
- A medium sized flat screw driver
- 1 small Pentel eraser (for cap, Optional)
- 1 Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser (if you don't have a small 1 you will need 2)
- An old Pen drive
- Hot glue
- White paint or white out.
- (most importantly) Common Sense!

Step 2: Making the USB Cap

First you will need to cut the small Eraser in half, or the big eraser in one- fourth.The side that you cut you will use that side only to erase causing it to become more smooth .
Then you will make an outline of the USB and you will stab the eraser with the flat screw driver all around the out line.
Slowly carve out the outline with the screw driver so it is deep enough for the USB to almost completely cover it self but not tight at all because mine broke twice so carve a little more space.

Step 3: The Body

The first step in making the body of the USB is if your USB is as big as the eraser you will need to cut it in half but if it is smaller you can do what you did for the cap.
Since mine was as big as the USB I had to cut it in half. The way i did this was by stabbing the USB along the side until both sides fell apart.
Then you will need to carve it and try to flatten both sides with the scissors so the USB can fit with the eraser into the card board.(the one the eraser came with)

Step 4: Filling in the Gaps

As you can see in this point there will be gaps and to try to fill those gaps i used hot glue but you can use anything you like.
You are going to fill those gaps with the glue and try to make them as flat as you can so it is easier to paint.
Once the glue dries you are going to take the white paint or white out and you are going to paint only over the glue.
If it is white out give it one full day to dry because for some reason white out dries a lot quicker on paper than on hot glue.
If paint you can check every hour or so.

Step 5: Enjoy

Now your finished!

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