Office Pen Launcher

Introduction: Office Pen Launcher

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Build a small pen ink launcher that can shoot up to 100 ft. You can shoot people at school and at the office but that's not very nice :)

Step 1: Materials

What you need is-

2 rubber bands
1 big paper mate pencil ( for the barrel)
Pen ink (Projectile)

Step 2: Take It Off

Take the front of the pencil off.

Step 3: Take the Back Off

Take the back of the pencil off with the Scissors.

Step 4: Take It All Out

Take all of the parts in the pencil out.

Step 5: Place the Band On

Place the rubber band on the end of the barrel.

Step 6: Tie a Band On

Tie the other rubber band by wrapping it on.

Step 7: Place the Pen Ink In

Now it's finished. Time to go shoot.

Step 8: Cock It Back

Pull the rubber band and the ink back with one hand while holding the barrel with another. Make sure the back of the pen ink is touching the rubber band.

Step 9: Let Go!

Let go and the rubber band will shoot the ink down the barrel and out toward the target. have fun making it :)

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    7 years ago

    Wow! This would be fun for target shooting outside!