Pen: or Is It?

Introduction: Pen: or Is It?

The pen launcher: made out of a pen, this device shoots it's cap around 40 feet. It's hard to tell the difference between a regular pen and a pen launcher, until you press the button. This instructable shows how to convert a pen to a pen launcher.

Warning: This can be used for target practice, but please don't shoot at living things or people. I am not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by this instructable. Also, don't point this towards your face when its loaded. Finally, sorry for all of the safety warnings I put on this. Wear glasses, and all that, I don't want to be sued.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You need:
3 BIC Pens (the cap has to be slide on, not screw on)
Tape (scotch tape)
Pen ink container (these are in the BIC pens, so you are fine)
3 springs (once again, in the pens)

Step 2: Prepare Your Materials

1: Remove the cap of the pen
2: Take out the ink container
3: Optional: switch ink container for a metal one. Some BIC pens have metal containers. These last longer and are stronger.

Step 3: Add Springs

Remove the springs from all 3 pens.

Chose the best quality ink container, and put all 3 springs on.

Connect the springs by twisting them together.

After connecting the springs, tape one spring to the ink container, on the end of the spring. (shown in picture 2)

Step 4: Load the Pen

1) Put the ink container and the attached springs back in the pen
2) Press the ink container inward and press the button at the same time
3) Keep pressing on the ink container, and put the cap on
4) Press the cap on so it will stay on the pen without holding it

Step 5: Firing and Reloading

1) To fire, aim the cap at your target and press the button. Once pressed, the cap will fly about 40 feet, or until it hits enough resistance. Reminder: Don't shoot at anything living. Shoot at paper, or an airsoft target. This should work for an airsoft sticky target: the cap will stick and you can go retreive it. Warning: the cap is easy to lose. Make sure you fire in an un-cluttered place. Attaching a light string to the cap so you can find it might work, if the string is light enough.
2) To reload, get the cap, or another cap from the other 2 pens you disected. Put the cap on the ink container, and press the button. The cap should press onto the pen, and stay there. Warning: Do not look directly at the cap, it is possible it will fly off and hit you in the face or eye. Basically, use the same rules with this pen launcher as you would with an airsoft gun or paintball gun.

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