Introduction: Pencil Bow in Three Steps

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A simple pencil bow that has the following supplies
*two pencils
*1 rubberband

Step 1: Get the Supplies

You will need to get these supplies
  • a rubberband
  • Two pencils

You will need to take the metal and eraser part off of one of the pencils and put a notch like a real arrow. You can use more than two pencils you need one for the base and the rest for ammo put a notch in those and take the eraser part off of them.

Step 2: Rubber Band

Next you need to put the rubber band on anyway but it has to work like a bow. It is all about using your head.

Step 3: All Done

It should be something like this.

Step 4: Naruto 777

Please look at Naruto 777's throwing star it works great. His username should have a picture like this.

Step 5: Making the Notch in the Pencil

I have got comments and I forgot to add how to make the notch. You simply take off the metal part near the eraser and get scissors and make a U shaped top on the eraser part. This should work