Introduction: Upcycled Parts Pencil Cup

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How can you make a pencil cup from a drill motor? Keep reading to find out!

*Your mom's point of view

Step 1: What You'll Need:

What You'll Need:

A drill motor

A Hot Glue Gun (You can use other adhesives such as: Silicone RTV, Epoxy, Sugru, And More)

A Drill

About one meter (~1 yard) of rope, string, or wire

A flat and hard piece of any material you want (I used a ferrite, If you don't have one, It's your time to improvise!)

A Screw

A sharp metal object (A Phillips Screw-Driver can work)

The pens or pencils you want in the cup

Step 2: Where Do You Want to Put It?

Choose a place where it will be comfortable for you to reach when you need a pencil,

I chose to place it under my Magnetic Pegboard.

After choosing the place, I marked a hole in the wood with a small Phillips Screwdriver.

Step 3: Insert a Screw

Next, With my drill, I inserted the screw in the hole that I marked earlier

Step 4: Take Apart the Motor

The motor is made out of two main parts (the Shaft and the Frame), I separated them by sliding them apart.

Step 5: Hot Glue Time!

I hot-glued the ferrite to the bottom of the frame of the motor, This is to form a cup shape which won't let the pencils fall out through the bottom.

Step 6: Make a Loop

After that, I made a loop with magnet wire and hot glued it to the the motor's frame

Step 7: You're Done!

Place it on the screw. Don't forget to put your preferred pens or pencils inside! ;)

I might change the way that it hangs in the future, But for now, It's good enough...

Step 8: Thanks for Watching!

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