Introduction: Pencil Holder

For this design, I'll be instructing you on how to make a pencil holder with polypropylene and plaster.

Tools that you will need

  • ruler
  • cutter
  • polypropylene

  • plaster

  • water

Step 1: Drawing a Circle With a Compass.

When you are drawing your circle, make sure that the diameter of your circle is 2 cm.

Step 2: Making the Hexagon

Move the compass point to the edge of the circle. Move it towards the top of the circle and make an arc where the pencil meets the edge. Then, draw a line to connect all the arc.

Step 3: After You Finish Drawing the Hexagon, Use a Protractor and Mark the Angle of 100 for All Sides.

When doing this make sure you get the mark the right side with the protractor.

Step 4: After You Finish, Line All the Sides and Connect All the Points.

If you had done this correctly, then the layout of the shape should look like a flower.

Step 5: Cut the Mold Out of the Polypropylene

When you cut it, make sure you use a ruler and cut it straight.

Step 6: Repeat All the Steps With a 1.5 Circle Radius.

1.Drawing a circle with a compass

2. Draw the hexagon

3. use a protractor and mark the angle of 100 for all sides

4. line all the sides and connect all the points

5. Cut the mold out of the polypropylene

Step 7: After You Finish Both the Mole and the Core, Tape All the Corners Together

Make sure there are no holes so the core doesn't get stuck with the plaster and the plaster doesn't leak out of the core.

Step 8: Then Take Magnets and Stick It With Double Sided Tape Inside Each Corner of the Core.

Step 9: Pouring Plaster

Use the ratio of 6 plaster and 4 water.

Let it set until it hard

Step 10: Sanding

When you are sanding make sure you do it step by step. Use the roughest one first and follow it up with a smoother one.

Step 11: Finished Product