Introduction: Pencil Holder

We’ll be learning how to use TinkerCAD in this project to make a pencil holder that looks like a simple cartoonish mole. Once modeling is finished the model will be 3D printed.

Step 1: Fire Up TinkerCAD!

  1. Let's start by going to and signing up with a free account. If you don't have an account then it's time you made one ;)
  2. Now go to your profile and click on "Create New Project"
  3. Once you're there go to "Shape Generators" and look for "Bazier Bean"
  4. Click and drag the model into your modeling space.

Step 2: Modeling

  1. Match the settings as the ones shown in the picture.
  2. Drag a cube and make it cover the bottom area of your model. This will make the bottom surface flat.
  3. Make the cube a "Hole"
  4. Group the two objects together.
  5. Drag a cylinder with the shown dimensions (This will make the holes for the pencils). You can measure the diameter of your pencils and change the size however you like.
  6. An important note here is to make the hole deep enough for the pencils to be held. About 3 cm deep works well.
  7. Make the cylinder centered and horizontal as shown.
  8. Now we Duplicate the model (Edit -> Duplicate) or press )Ctrl + D). Now we have another cylinder intersecting with our first cylinder.
  9. Rotate it by about 22 degrees and move it up as shown.
  10. Once you're happy just click Ctrl + D twice. Works like magic! now we have 4 cylinders perfectly aligned. If not drag and move until you are happy.
  11. Select all 4 cylinders and duplicate them. Then rotate them 180 degrees on the Z axis.
  12. Now it's time to copy all of those 8 cylinders and rotate them about 20 degrees so that they are positioned on the back side.
  13. Duplicate it twice so that we have 4 sets. Some cylinders might not be perfectly in place, if so you can drag and align until you are satisfied.
  14. Delete the horizontal cylinders since these are too steep for our pencils to be held.
  15. Now add 2 spheres (diameter of 10 & 5). Copy the big one and position them on the front where the eyes are. The small one should be where his nose is.
  16. You can copy one more set of the cylinders or two if you want to, too.
  17. Now make all sets as "Holes" except the main body, eyes and nose then group them together.
  18. Go to "Download For 3D Printing" and download the model.

Step 3: Printing

  1. Depending on the printer you have you can use various settings.
  2. We used Replicator Z18 and Filament from Matterhacks
  3. Printing temp was set to 220C
  4. Quality of Low is good enough (layer height of 0.3mm)
  5. Enjoy your creation :)


  • You may increase the number of holes you have.
  • You can make the model bigger and make differently sized holes to fit different pens/pencils.

If you have any questions you can ask in the comments section below and also share your thoughts regarding this creation. Thanks!