Introduction: Pencil Holder With Drawer

Do you tend to lose your erasers or any other small school materials, well with this pencil holder you won't have to worry. This pencil holder has a drawer to the right of the pencil holder where you can put any of your small school materials.


-Hot glue gun
-Scissors/utility knife
-Markers (something to mark with)
-Paint (optional)

Step 1: Making the Pencil Holder

First get a big piece of cardboard and cut out 5 equal square pieces for the base and the sides of the pencil holder. Make sure to use a ruler so they are all the same size. Put one piece of cardboard for the base and hot glue the other four pieces to make a cube shape but without the roof.

Step 2: Making the Outside of the Drawer

What you are going to have to do is start out by getting another piece of cardboard and cut out three equal pieces that are the same size as the pencil holder sides. The pieces are for the base, roof and the third piece we will cut in half for the sides of the drawer. Also make sure to use a ruler to measure and mark the pieces. After cutting out the pieces, glue one of the rectangles to the back of the base and glue the other rectangle on the right side of the base. After doing that glue the other square piece on top of the two halves, now glue it to the pencil holder and you are done the outside.

Step 3: Making the Drawer

To make the drawer you will need to get another big piece of cardboard and cut out three equal squares(same size as the pencil holder). Use a marker to mark where you are going to cut. After getting those three pieces you will have to cut two of the squares in half to make rectangles. Then glue the rectangles except the front of the box onto the square piece to make a box without a roof, make sure it fits inside the drawer. For the front piece, cut out a small half circle on the top of the front piece. It should be big enough to fit your finger. Once you do that glue it on to the box for the front. Put it in the drawer and done. That’s all you need to make a pencil holder with a drawer.

Step 4: Sections for Pencil Holder(optional)

Get two square pieces of cardboard that are the same size of the outside of the pencil holder. Then cut slits so you can connect them. When you put them together it should look like the picture. Now all you have to do is put it in the pencil holder and now you can keep your materials organised.

Step 5: Your Finished

You are done making the pencil holder, if u want you can add colours, stickers or anything you want to it. Hopefully you liked it :)