Introduction: Pencil Necklace

About: Towson student

Jewelry made from colorful pencils is a lot of fun! This beautiful piece of jewelry is sexy and simple to create. The colorful necklace can be used as a statement piece or a unique gift. Let's get started...

What you will need:

  1. Colorful Pencils
  2. Saw

  3. Necklace Chord or Wire

  4. Scissors

  5. Drill

  6. Necklace Clasps

  7. Necklace Crimps

  8. 1/16 drill bit

  9. Marker

  10. Ruler

  11. Pliers

Step 1: Plan Your Design

Open pack of pencils and arrange the pencils how you want them to look.

Note: Make sure your pencil design in an area where the pencils will not move.

Step 2: Prepare Your Cuts and Holes

Mark the areas you will cut and drill.

Suggestion: Drill-hole marks should be approximately 1/4 inch from the smoothest end.

Step 3: Cut Your Pencils

Use saw to cut the pencils.

Warning: Using sharp tools is dangerous. Please make sure to have your fingers away from the blade and someone in close proximity in case of an emergency.

Step 4: Drill Holes

Use a 1/16 drill bit to drill a hole in each pencil.

Step 5: String Pencils

String the pencils with the necklace chord or wire.

Step 6: Determine Necklace Length

Cut the necklace to your desired length.

Note: 8 inches is usually an appropriate size for an adult.

Step 7: Secure Crimps

Fasten the string by securing the crimps

Step 8: Secure Clasps

Secure and tighten necklace loops and clasps with a pliers.

Step 9: Sharpen Pencils

Sharpen pencils to desired sharpness.

Note: If the pencils are undesirably sharp use a piece of paper or emery board to buff and flatten the tip.

Step 10: Clean and Wear

Wipe your stylish necklace off with water or acetone and show everyone your awesome new design.