Introduction: Pendant Mould With Bottle Bottom.

Dear Creative Friends,

It was one my dear friend's birthday and I wanted to gift her a clay creation of my own.
I do not have the kiln to bake the terracotta so I prefer to use air dry terracotta/clay. My creative juices were flowing and I hit upon the idea of using the bottom of the mineral water/juice bottle to hand craft the pendant.

Keep smiling.


Step 1:

Pinch out the required amount of clay. Apply some Vaseline on your palms and work the clay fingers for sometime to release any air trapped inside. The make a smooth ball.

Step 2:

Apply some Vaseline on the bottom of the bottle you have decided to use. Then press the ball of clay down firmly yet gently onto the shape.

Step 3:

Press down gently but firmly onto the shape. Use your fingers to make the outer shape into a smooth round. The fingers may be dipped in water to repair any cracks that appear in the mould.

Step 4:

Gently separate the clay from mould. Use damp fingers to smoothen any unwanted imprints and cracks as well as prefect the desired shape.

Step 5:

Leave it dry with the other shapes and beads made to complete the full project, in a well ventilated area.

I cover them loosely with a cling wrap for 5 to 6 hours, then leave open for 3-4 hours. Turn them to dry the other side and again cover them up loosely with the cling wrap 3-4 hours and then leave them open till they are dry, turning them around to dry evenly. I usually let them dry for 4-5 dry.

Step 6:

When they are completely dry paint them with acrylic colours. I used Fevicryl Pearl colours. When the paint dried I varnished the pieces with non-toxic varnish for acrylic paint to make them weather proof and let them dry.

Then threaded them along with some glass beads and some wire work to complete the jewellery.

Hope you all can start making your own now.

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