Pendant Lamp From Hanging Planter: Ikea Skurar Hack

Introduction: Pendant Lamp From Hanging Planter: Ikea Skurar Hack

I was looking for a small pendant lamp and could not find the right design. Then I came across the Ikea Skurar Hanging Planter, standing upside down on the shelves.... Exactly what i wanted and the design only needed a hole to fit in the Hemma cord set.....

Step 1: Tools and Ingredients

column-type drill
drills (I used 2mm and 3.5mm)
small metal cutter
rounded file

1 Ikea Skurar Hanging Planter
1 Ikea Hemma Cord Set
1 Bulb

Step 2: First Steps...

Unscrew the plastic ring from the Hemma cord set and place it on the bottom of the Skurar hanging planter (or the top of the Skurar pendant lamp :-) ). Trace the inner circle with the marker.
Use the 2mm drill and the machine to drill small holes across the line.

Step 3: A Little Further...

Then drill again using the 3.5mm drill, widening the gaps.
Use the metal cutters to cut the last circle completly.

Step 4: Smoothhh....

Use the file to remove sharp edges and file until the Hemma cord set fits nicely.

Step 5: Finished....

Well... almost finished still need to hang the lamp and put in a bulb. But you get the idea...

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    5 years ago on Introduction


    The wires in the wall had a difference in height.of 8cm.

    I gave them a little support to hide this and level the lamps.