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Introduction: Pendulum Art

In this instructable, I will show how to make spiral art using a pendulum suspended by fishing line on a stand made out of PVC pipe.

Step 1: Cut Different Length PVC Pipe

  1. Using pipe cutters or a saw cut 2 pieces of pipe to be 90 centimeters.
  2. Cut another length of pipe to be 100 centimeters.
  3. Also, cut 4 pieces of pipe that are about 40 centimeters long. (These ones do not need to be exact because they will be the bottom of the stand. just make sure that the stand is stable enough.)
  4. You will also need 4 connector pieces. Two of them are just elbow connectors and the other two are three prong connectors)

Step 2: Cut a Notch in the Pipe That Is 1 Meter Long

  1. Measure 50 centimeters on the pipe that is 1 meter long and make a mark.
  2. Use a hand saw to make a small notch on the mark. (This will help in holding the string in place as it spins to make the pendulum art.)

Step 3: Add the Connectors to the Pipe to Build the Stand

  1. Connect the elbows to each of the pipe that is 90 centimeters long.
  2. Connect a 40 centimeter pipe to each side of the other connector.
  3. Then, put the 90 centimeter pipe into the last side of the three-prong connectors.
  4. Put the 1 meter pipe in the other side of the elbow connectors to complete the stand.

Step 4: Measure the Angle From the Notch in the Pipe

  1. Using a protractor, measure a 45 degree angle from the notch made at the center pipe.
  2. Tape a skewer at that angle. (This is helpful in ensuring that the angle you push the bottle is consistent throughout each different length but this step is not necessary if you are only doing one pendulum o just want to see what happens.)

Step 5: Cut the Bottom of Three Bottles

  1. Using an X-Acto knife, cut a hole into the side of three bottles.
  2. Then follow a straight line to cut off the bottom of the three bottles.

Step 6: Punch Two Holes in the Bottle

  1. Punch two holes on opposite side of the three bottles.

Step 7: Thread Fishing Line Through the Bottle

  1. Thread fishing line though one hole and then out the other.
  2. To make the string more secure, thread the fishing line through both holes a second time.

Step 8: Tie Knot to Secure Fishing Line

  1. Tie a knot to secure the fishing line and complete two full loops. (Make sure this knot, or multiple knots, are tight or the bottle will fall while it is spinning and splatter everywhere.)

Step 9: Cut Fishing Line to Different Lengths for Each Bottle

  1. Cut the fishing line to 20 centimeters on one of the bottles.
  2. On the other bottle, cut the fishing line to 30 centimeters.
  3. Cu the fishing line to 40 centimeters on the last bottle. (Make sure to measure from the knot and not from the bottom of the bottle.)

Step 10: Cut a Hole Into Each of the Caps

  1. Using an X-Acto knife, cut hole into the bottom of each of the caps. (Make sure the holes are fairly large so that the paint is able to come out smoothly).

Step 11: Tie 40 Centimeter Bottle to the Stand

  1. Tie the Bottle with the 40 centimeter bottle to the stand. When you tie it, the string should actually be about 35 centimeters from the knot to the bottom of the pipe.

Step 12: Water Down Paint

  1. In a separate cups pour 1/4 cup of water-based paint.
  2. Put in 1/4 into the same cup.
  3. Mix it up until it is smooth.
  4. Do this with three different sups and colors. (This is necessary so that the paint comes out smoothly instead of being too thick and coming out in spots. As you can see in the finished product the silver was a little too thick and came out splotchy and the blue was a little thin so it is runny.)

Step 13: Push the Bottle and Watch It Go

  1. Put paint into the bottle, making sure to cover the hole so that the paint doesn't come out too early.
  2. Pull the bottle to the degree angle that was previously measured.
  3. Push the bottle parallel to the pipe on the top.
  4. Watch the design appear.
  5. Stop the bottle when you feel the design is complete.

Step 14: Repeat With the 30 Centimeter Bottle and Then the 40 Centimeter Bottle

  1. Tie the bottle to the stand.
  2. Put a different color paint in it.
  3. Pull it back to the 45 degree angle.
  4. Push horizontally.
  5. Stop it when you want.

Step 15: Look at the Beautiful Art You Have Now Created!

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