Introduction: Penguin Cooling Vest

I am making a penguin cooling vest to help penguins cool down. Because of global warming penguins are dying. Penguins feathers were meant to help the penguins keep warm, but because of global warming it it getting hotter in Antarctica. Penguins are overheated and their feathers are keeping them warm on land and blubber in water, even though it is already warm. Also penguins can not cool off in the water due to waterproofing. At first I was thinking to make the vest biodegradable but a teacher gave me an idea to not make it biodegradable and even make it taste bad. Penguins are part of the food chain but if I make the vest taste bad the predators will spit them out. That will hopefully increase the population of penguins.

Step 1: What Will You Need

You will need

  1. Human vest
  2. Ice packs
  3. A life size or smaller penguin
  4. Velcro
  5. Glue dots
  6. Duck tape (silver)

Step 2: Starting the Project

First you need to place the ice packs in the pouches and glue the top of the pouch with glue dots.

Step 3: Next

Add the velcro to the shape of your icepack on the vest. Do the same with the velcro on the actual pouch of the ice pack like so.

Step 4: Finishing Touch

I added one on each side and two in the middle because those places will keep the penguin cool. The back and sides. Make sure that your ice packs will fit in the vest. Lastly add silver duck tape on the vest to deflect the sun rays off of the penguin.

Step 5: Final Look

When you are done with the penguin cooling vest it should look like the picture.