Introduction: Penny Dreadful Inspired Werewolf Makeup!

Hi everyone! I'm here to show you how to transform yourself into a werewolf like our favorite Penny Dreadful heart throb Ethan Chandler! Except...without the use of the moon (or prosthetics and hair pieces). Plus it's gender bent. XD

This is a great look for beginner/intermediate face painters using using easy to get supplies. You can do it for Halloween or if you just feel like letting out your inner wolf of god. I'm new to the Instructable scene but LOVE painting my face. I've included a lot of tips and tricks in here that I've learned whilst making mistakes on my face paints so that YOU don't have to :)

This face paint took me about and hour and a half so make sure to set out a good amount of time for yourself to do it.

Without further ado... let's get to it!! :D

Step 1: Gather Your Junk!

This is a pure face paint folks so no prosthetic or hair pieces will be used! BLENDING SHALL BE YOUR ONLY ALLY.

What you will need for this particular face paint:

-A trusty headband: To keep your hair out of your face while you paint.

-Liquid eye liner: (I can't recommend Elf liquid eye liner enough. It's cheap ($1), comes off easily and has a very pointy applicator tip. Get it!!)

-A smokey eye shadow palette: I generally use Too Faced's Chocolate Bar since it has a good range of flesh tones and smoky tones. Naked 1,2 and 4 are also good, but whatever you can find that matches your skin/hair color works.

-Foundation. 2 types: Liquid or cream and powder! You'll see why. For the liquid/cream The tackier the better! If you have any thick concealer too... bring it! :D

-Bronzer: This will really buff out your cheeks. Plus it will help give you your werewolf face muscles!

-Blush: Just in case you want that rosy and freshly mauled look.

-Fake blood: Either buy it or make it! Here's some great recipes that are edible!

-Face wipes: for pre-paint cleaning your face and for erasing any mistakes. I need many of these and recommend the Kirkland brand from Costco.

-An Elmers glue stick: Clear is best. Shhh... Don't ask. Just read on.

-Vampire teeth: These can be bought from pretty much any Party City or on Amazon. Usually I just get a couple at Spirit during the massive after Halloween sales.

-Pink or red lip gloss.

-A varied range of makeup brushes: I got mine for really cheap on the app Wish. Brushes are the only makeup item that I don't splurge on, but you are more than welcome to if you want! Just make sure to have a few different fine tipped brushes. Plus make sure you have a blending sponge. I got mine at Ulta, but you can get them at drug stores as well.

-Mascara and and eye lash curler: I recommend L'oreal's Miss Manga.

-Optional contact lenses: My eyes are pretty much a black abyss, so to make them pop I get contacts from Pinky Paradise. They have tons of reviews and pictures from REAL people wearing them!

-Your phone with plenty of reference images, plus a charger: I always have my phone out with tons of reference images on it to prevent getting stuck in the middle of a paint. Make sure to bring your resources!

Step 2: Clean Your Face!

Always make sure to start with a fresh face. You wouldn't paint on a filthy canvas that was caked in way too much gesso now would you?! (Even if you do just... clean your face okay!)

Step 3: Glue Your Eye Brows Down!

This is honestly one of my favorite parts of face painting. It's kind of fun to look so otherworldly! XD

Grab your glue stick and liberally apply as much glue as you can. I go in circular motions and then drag the stick downwards to lay my eyebrows flat. The flatter the better! Afterwards apply a layer of concealer on your brows. Then put powder foundation over that. After that put a layer of cream or liquid foundation down. Repeat this process until you find yourself without eye brows! :D

If you'd like a step by step here's a really good tutorial just for hiding your brows!

Step 4: Apply Foundation and Begin to Contor Your Face.

I use a fairly liberal amount of foundation on the daily, but for face paints I use quite a bit. You want to make sure that your pigments will catch onto your face the best that they can. If you'd like to take more time on your face just apply a primer to extend it's wear. :)

For the moment just contour the crap out of your cheeks and by the bridge of your nose. Don't worry we will be back.

*Sorry I still look frightening!*


Step 5: Apply Shadow to Your Eyes! Plus Eye Liner and Mascara...

I alwaysdo my eyes first after applying my foundation and bronzer. This way you can prevent smudging your work later on. Trust me you will want to do this. If this is the only lesson on face painting that you have taken from this I will be happy.

To achieve Ethan Chandler's look of wild maniac beast mixed with the " I've seen more sorrow than you ever have" look, I'm going to contour my eyes to look more sunken in. I'll also apply quite a bit of dark shadows under my eyes as well. The goal is to bring the eyes back as far as possible to make features such as our nose and forehead stand out more.

After you feel satisfied with you eye shadow, apply eye liner and mascara to really make those eyes pop! :)

Step 6: Them Eyebrows.

After your eyes are completed it's time to get some eyebrows back on. Ethan's werewolf has very high arch brows and so we shall have them as well! Draw on your eyebrows slightly higher than your normal ones and make sure to include that arch. Ensure that they look thick, but not silly. No one wants to look silly as a werewolf ya dingus!

I used a mix of eye shadow and liquid eye liner to give the brows more depth. To me brows are the absolute worst so take your time when you are doing them.

Step 7: Conturing Lines and Adding Depth to Your Face.

This step is all about the creases. The goal here is to make yourself look as feral as possible. I used all flesh tones and deeper brownish-red tones for this part.

Furrowed brows, larger foreheads and more shading in the nose are a must here. Make sure to shade around your temples and blend it into the hairline. That helps give the impression of a more pronounced forehead. I'll show you what I have done, but you are more than welcome to shade it according to how your face goes.

You can always add more shading down the line!

Step 8: Paint on Your Werewolf Hair!

All werewolves have GOT to have that widow's peak. It's just a must.
To do that I'm going to map out where I'd like my "hair" to start on both my forehead and my cheeks. From there I'll add in highlighting and depth with my smoky palettes. Make sure your hair blends into your natural hairline. I've included a side profile of how I did my hair strokes. After you feel like you are done, let your hair down to see if you like how your werewolf sideburns have turned out.

Step 9: Werewolf Teeth and Blood +checking the Finishing Touches

After you feel like you've got your face just how you'd like it to be, you can put on your fangs! . If you've never done it before click here to see how to put them on!

I've also put on some lip gloss to make the look a bit more feminine and give off the feeling of a fresh kill. XD

Now I'm putting on a pea coat and a Victorian style corset to try and capture the Penny Dreadful feel, but you do whatever feels right dawg.

At this point you can also put on your contact lenses. I don't recommend wearing them while you paint unless you are familiar with contact lenses.

Also make sure to mess up your hair to get that wild look.

And now you have been fully transformed into a wolf! Rejoice and pat yourself on the back! :D

I am proud of you.

After that take some pictures WITHOUT the blood, because you know... blood is messy.Plus if you don't like how it looks it is almost impossible to remove without ruining your whole face.

I moved out of my makeup room and went to a room in my house with lots of natural lighting. I've found that face paints look best in dark lighting or natural ones.

Post some picture and send me the links so I can see how your wolf man has turned out!

Thanks for reading!

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