Penny Longboard Design




Introduction: Penny Longboard Design

hot glue pennys to skateboard or longboard to add a cool cheap design

Step 1: Aquire Board

A year ago i made a "shlongboard" due to no wanting to pay for a longboard. All you do is move the trucks onto the kicktails and if you want you cut off around the wheels to make it a kind of dropthrough. I added longboard trucks and wheels. I recently spray painted it red aswell

Step 2: Glue on Pennies

Make any design you want. Spell out your name, make a circle, if you're real artsy make it look pretty. Unfortunatly art is not my strength so i made a zig-zag that looks like a Z. DONT USE ELMERS GLUE USE HOT GLUE OR SOMETHING STRONGER.

Step 3: Ride Your New Board

Make sure the pennies are secure so you dont sound like a piggy bank rolling down the road. Have fun riding. If you find any modifications do tell I plan on building another cruiser type shlongboard soon.

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    6 years ago

    I would personally cover all the board with money to make it look rich and preety :)

    Nice 'ible


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks. Yeah a whole board of coins with a solid clear coat would look pretty sick