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Dating as far back to 1740, small coins have been twisted to make love tokens.

I have been married 8 times, 7 times when I was 5 years old (I really liked candy) and now with my current wife. Even though I never got divorced from my previous 7 marriages; my wife still wanted me. So to make her my Valentine every year - I try and make her different things - like a love token.

I wanted to share my version of a Penny Love Token.

My wife keeps them in her coin purse.

Please note: I am not a lawyer, I looked up years ago and everything I read said it was ok to bend a coin. When I was at Disney land; I used a penny smasher or press to make a souvenir.

So all I can say is -do what you feel comfortable with.

Step 1: ​Gather Items and Tools

Penny Coins

It is said that if you get older than 1981 coins, they will have a greater amount of copper in them. Just to be safe I use 1980 or older pennies. The older copper pennies bend in this process.

Newer pennies will just break in my bending process.


I use a small metal bench vise with smooth faced jaws – without serrated jaws.

A non-marring hammer


Buffer or cleaner

Step 2: ​Think in Thirds

I put approximately 1/3 of the coin in the vise and tighten

I strike the coin over with the hammer.

I flip the coin over and put approximately 1/3 of the coin in the vise and tighten.

I strike the coin with the hammer over in the opposite direction of the previous side.

What I have seen of traditional love coins

– I would describe as a wave or Z pattern

– one side bent in one direction and the other in the opposite.

Step 3: Finished and Options

This my version of love coins

Optional bends

I bend them in different directions - see photos.

The one completely folded into a ring, could be put on a string for a necklace or key-chain.

Optional appearance

You can clean or polish if you wish

My wife keeps them in her coin purse.

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