Introduction: Pennywise Face Paint (Stephen King's IT)

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A horror movie getting a 2017 makeover can be a huge undertaking. However with Stephen King's IT, there has been a lot of reasons why so many of us wanted to recreate the makeup of the infamously iconic killer clown, Pennywise! Here's how I took on the five-minute version as created by Ashlea Henson!


Step 1: Add White

First, I began with a thin layer of white all over the face.

Step 2: Black Eyes

Next, I took some black to my eyes, going over and under them, and smudging them out with a dry brush.

Step 3: Grey Cracks

Then, I used a dark grey to add light cracks to the sides of the face.

Step 4: Red Parts

Then, I used red to color in my nose and lips. Then, I made two lines, each one going from both corners of the mouth to the tops of my eyebrows, ending in a point. Then, I outline the top of the red nose, bottom of the lips, and on the sides of the two lines.

Step 5: Add Red Glitter

Finally, I added red glitter to the red parts for some extra sparkle!

Step 6: Done!

Don't you want a red balloon? You'll float, too!

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