Introduction: Pennywise IT Cake

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It's Halloween time and I decided on doing a creepy and somewhat realistic Pennywise cake. This was a really fun cake to make and you'll only need a few tools. Be sure to watch the tutorial on how I made this cake below.

You'll Need:

(1) 8 inch cake layer

carving knife

Pennywise face printout *make sure it fits within the cake*

Fondant (white, red, yellow)

Black petal dust

Red Gel Dye

Paintbrushes (designated for food)

Rolling Pin


Round piping tip

Small slanted spatula

Knife or toothpick


Fondant recipe:

Step 1: Carve IT

Cut out the Pennywise template and lay it onto the cake. With a sharp knife, carefully cut out the face. Also mark on the cake where the hair is in comparison to the face. Also trim away any browning from the cake.

Next, mark where the eyes, nose and mouth are onto the cake and begin cutting away little by little. Remove eye space, the nose area and the mouth area also, only leaving the forehead and cheeks.

Step 2: Frost IT

Once you feel like you have the general face, give the cake a thin layer of frosting and allow it to set in the fridge for 15 minutes. Add a thicker layer of frosting and continue molding the facial structure of the face. When the frosting is hard you can do with your fingers and/or a slanted spatula.

Use fondant for the features. Roll out two strands of fondant for lips, two dots for eyes and then the nose. Press onto the frosting. Roll out white fondant and the cover the entire cake. Use fondant tools (or your hands) to press the fondant into the nooks of the cake and sculpt his face. At this point, focus on his features. Using a fondant tool or the back of a knife, indent that line over his brown bone, wrinkles, and the scrunched up brow area.

Step 3: Paint IT

With a small paintbrush, use red gel dye (optional: mixed with a splash of vodka) and paint on the lips, nose, and mouth to forehead line. Use another brush to shade in the eye area with black petal dust. Allow to dry.

Step 4: Wig IT

Add bunches of red fondant to around the head and carve to mold into his hair. This is easiest done piece by piece. Use a fondant tool, fork, or the back of a knife to indent strands of hair into the fondant.

Step 5: Finish IT

Use a small piping tip to cut out two small round yellow fondant circles. Place on the eye. On top of that place two small dots of black fondant. Use a red edible marker or a small paint brush in red gel dye to outline the yellows of the eyes.

and you've DONE IT! You've got an amazing Pennywise cake. Dig in and enjoy.

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