Introduction: Pennywise (IT) Transforming Into a Spider

Pennywise (IT) transforming into a spider -

This almost 8-foot creepy monster was a blast to build and wear around town. Excited to share with you!

Step 1: Start With a Design, a Helmet As a Base, and Saran Wrap

When starting this process, we wanted to make Pennywise look like he was transforming from his clown form to spider form (in-between phase). We knew that he needed fangs and needed a strong base to hold up the fangs. We went to a sports store and bought a baseball helmet with mask. We then went to home depot and bought wire cutters to cut the mask so that there was an opening to see out of.

From here, the next step was to form the base of the protruding fangs. The fangs were formed out of coat hanger and cardboard. We used cardboard and saran wrap to wrap the foundation of the fangs for the face. This took some time as the multiple layers were needed so that the fangs were firm and not malleable. After several rotations of the wrap, it was time to move on to the top of the mouth and teeth.

Step 2: Top of Mouth and Teeth

For the teeth, we rolled pieces of aluminum foil and then wrapped with paper towels. We then added titebond 3 wood glue for it to dry.

Saran wrap was wrapped around the bill of the hat (or his upper lip) to create a uniform base all around.

The teeth were laid out on duct tape to curve them and set in the mouth.

Step 3: Paint Titebond Glue on to Paper Towels and Add

The next step took some time as needed to make a paper mache mixture with titebond glue and then applied to the mask. Multiple layers of glue are recommended as it makes the mask more rigid and less susceptible to damage.

Step 4: Painting the Teeth and Fangs

After the wood glue dried, we then painted the fangs and teeth with acrylic paint. To give it a more realistic finish, we used polyethylene varnish.

Step 5: Building the Head

The head needed to be oblong as Pennywise has a creepy egg-like head. We bought a dodgeball and pumped it up about 90%. We then duct taped the ball to the helmet to create a structure for shape of the head.

From here, we used upholstery foam and shaved down with a carving knife. We needed to create face definition as a base when we applied the next steps.

Step 6: Adding Paper Mache Wood Glue to Form Head

After the base structure of the head was completed, the next step was to use the same technique as the fangs and use titebond wood glue and paper towels to create his skin. We also used a sharp knife to cut 3/4 of a ping pong ball to create the base for the eyeballs.

Multiple layers of paper mache were used to ensure the face was as rigid as possible (while still being lightweight).

Step 7: Painting the Face and Adding Hair

Acrylic white paint was used for the face. Then other acrylics were used to give the face a menacing/creepy vibe. A light gloss was used to give his features more of a pop.

Hair was bought from various wig shops. It was then cut and with barge cement glued to the top of the head and back.

Step 8: Tentacles

Tentacles were made by buying a spider from a halloween store. The spider wss then broken apart to use the end pieces. The legs were elongated with the use of PVC pipe that was covered by foam noodles.

The foam noodles were then covered with paper towels and titebond wood glue. After drying, the paper towels were painted three different layers of coloring with brushing at the limbs to give it a weather look.

The legs were then wrapped with costume fabric to give the impression that the legs were in fact bulging from Pennywise's back.

Step 9: Time to Suit Up

With the head and tentacles completed, I bought fabric from Joannes and costume stores and hodge podged his outfit to go sealess with the head and tentacles. We also bought a doll and wrapped him in a child's raincoat to give the little Georgie feel.

This costume was a blast to create and cannot wait to wear it some more as people were often too scared to come near me in it hahaha.

Enjoy and thank you Instructables for the platform!

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