Introduction: Pentagon Shaped Cardboard Lamp !

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It is an awesome project that anyone can do at home with some time, glue, cardboard and paper on their hands!

Step 1: Cut Out 12 Pentagons From Cardboard.

Start by drawing pentagons on sheets of cardboard and then cut them out.

Step 2: Make a Windows for Each Pentagon

Now you need to make a pentagon-shaped window in each pentagon (inception :O).

Start by cutting out the window hole in the pentagon, then cut out pieces of paper that are bigger than the holes, but smaller than the frame.

Then glue the piece of paper to the back side of the pentagon (the one with all the branding).

!Only glue the paper to eleven of the pentagons, since the twelveth will be the bottom part, where the lamp goes in!

Step 3: Shaping the Upper Side

First, you need to tape the pentagons together (tape on the side with all the brandings) into the shape from the first picture.

Once you make the shape, fold it as in the second picture and glue it where the pentagons join.

DO NOT use tape instead of glue, like I did (I did not have glue so I used tape. It was really hard to work with and the shade broke a few days later...)

Step 4: Making the Bottom Part

Take the pentagons that are left and tape them into a shape from the first picture.

then fold it like in the second picture and glue the places where the pentagons join.

Step 5: Sticking the Two Halves Together

When you have two halves that look similar to the ones from the first picture, you have to glue them.

To do so, you need to put hot glue on the sides and quickly put the two pieces together.

(I used tape that I put in there from the inside since I did not have hot glue, again it was a bad idea!)

once you glue the two pieces together you should have something like this (picture 2)

Step 6: Adding Standoffs and Making It Glow!

Now you have to find the bottom side with the hole in it and stick 5 little feet there.

Now take a lamp of choice and put it in that hole. (I did not add any details for putting the lamp in since I just put an led torch in the hole)

Step 7: Conclusion

In conclusion, this project was fun, I loved making it and I hope you do too.

but if I was to make this lampshade again, I would make sure that the pentagons are perfectly shaped and use hot glue instead of tape for strength and ease. Also, I would get colorful paper like yellow, or orange to make the light different color!

If I had a laser cutter I would make hundreds of these lamps and use them for my house and give them to friends, since these turn out so beautiful. If you make this lampshade I would love to see how it turned out for you :)

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