Pepakura Project Guide

Introduction: Pepakura Project Guide

How to do your own pepakura project.

Step 1: Downloading Pepakura

Google search "pepakura" and click on the first link. After you finish downloading there should be an icon on you're desktop that replicates mine.

Step 2: Next You Will Need to Find Something to Make and Download the PDO File That Goes With It.

I chose to create renamon from digimon. You can choose whatever you'd like. Find a website like halo costuming wiki that has PDO files for free download.

Step 3: After You've Downloaded Your File You Need to Open It in Pepakura Designer 3.

Once locate where you saved your PDO to and opened it it should look like this.

Step 4: After You Open Your File

If you zoom in on your pieces with the scroll wheel on your mouse you will see that your pieces may or may not have numbers on the edges. If your pieces do have numbers great! But if yours does not I will tell you how to fix that in the next step. Also you will notice there will be fold lines on every piece. I will talk about those later, there are two types of these lines. The dotted rectangles surrounding your pieces are the pages.

Step 5: Sizing, Fold Lines, Numbered Edges.

First off "change scale" is under the 2d menu. That is what you will use to have the specific size you are looking for. SADLY YOU CANNOT CHANGE BOTH HIGHT AND LENGTH but you can change one and the other will change automatically. Next if you do not see numbers on your pieces then go onto the 2d menu once again and select "show edge ID" you will need to do this to put together your pepakura project unless you are a super genius. Next is the fold lines. Folds with just dashes is a MOUNTAIN fold. A mountain fold looks like this ^ or an upside-down v. The dash dot dash fold lines indicate a valley fold which looks like a v.

Step 6: Print Stage


Step 7: Your Pieces Will Look Like This.

Step 8: Supplies You Will Need for Constructing Your Project.

Scisors, exact knife (optional), comfortable work space( with some work music or stand up comedian playing in backround), some tacy, hot, super, glue, and a paintbrush (used for tact glue) to paint the glue onto the tabs when you arrive at that step.

Step 9: Cut Fold Glue

This step is very important not to rush. A good idea is to cut all the pieces out first. Remember not to cut on dashed or dash dot dash lines but only to cut on solid lines on the very outside of the pieces. Next fold them according to fold type remember lines like this - - - - - - - are mountain folds and lines like this -. -. -. -. Are Valley. I suggest scoring, or running scisors across fold lines to create easier folds. After you've folded all the pieces it's time to glue. First line up line I'd numbers with thier identical numbers. So 125 will be glued to 125. Put glue on the tabs and then combine the pieces.

Step 10: Final

Once you are done glueing all pieces together you should have your finished project!! Now you can do whatever you want to it. Fiberglass it spray paint it or keep it how it is! Thanks for your time. This is my first instructable. If you have any questions please ask in the questions and I'll be more than happy to help if I can. Please show me what you can do and post your own pepakura projects. This is a wip I am on the cut step I will post when it's finished..

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    Very nice basic information, especially for any beginner in the pepakura world. I can't wait to see what else you do with this knowledge, I hope you choose to share it with us!