Introduction: Pepper Grinder Restoration

This thing was at least 40 years old and seems to have been used more as a mallet/hammer than anything else. But I saw potential.

Step 1: Strip

I first dismantled the grinder and was pleased to see the parts were in great, albeit dirty, condition. I used wood stripper to remove as much of the old gunky finished coating as I could. After that, a lot of sanding was necessary. A lot of sanding. Especially around the top knob, which had significant dents from someone smashing it. But with time and patience, and strong arms, the results were very positive.

For the metal parts, I used a handheld rotary tool with a buffer pad to bring out a nice shine.

Step 2: Stain

This is a personal choice, but I wanted a darker looking grinder, so I went for a darker stain. I also applied pre-stain, which I believe made a big difference around the areas of high impact.

Step 3: Finish

Look at that shine! I made sure to keep the grinder upright while applying the finish, and not over applying it to ensure no drips or pooling. That's it!