Introduction: Pepper Relish V3.03

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Some of you may have seen my original pepper relish "ible" if not you can see it and the differences here   There have been a number of changes (hopefully for the better) over a couple of batches and this one that follows seems to have the best response. Some didn't like the fried peppers, some didn't like the roasted red peppers and one change (the diced jalapenos) is just pure laziness on my part. As with most recipes this is meant as more of a guide than a written in stone you HAVE TO do it THIS WAY, if you want to use your favorite hot sauce, go right ahead, more habaneros or sub in serranos or even leave them out its up to you. Please forgive the blurry pics, I'm still not used to my new camera

Step 1: Getting Started

Here's what I use to make my latest version of Pepper Relish
 3 jars of diced jalapenos
 2 jars of hot bananna peppers
 1 bag of diced frozen green bell peppers
  1 bag of diced frozen onions
  Hot sauce I used about 1/2 a bottle of a new (to me) habanero hot sauce, it has a really good taste and a nice zing of heat
  about 2 tablespoons of plastic bear honey
 couple grinds of salt
  heaping tablespoon of prechopped garlic (not pictured)
 about half a habanero finely diced
 small bottle of zesty italian salad dressing
 couple grinds of black pepper

Step 2: Dump and Run

I put the green peppers and onions in the crock pot, added the bottle of italian dressing, garlic, salt, pepper and honey, 3 jars of diced jalapenos juice and all and the diced habanero, drain the bananna peppers and chop them up, if your lucky to have a cute little food processer like mine its really easy. Bring the mix to a boil and then allow to simmer for 30-45 minutes or until the onions and peppers are softened to your likeing.

Step 3: Jar Them Up


 That being said, the big jar of peppers lasts me a little over a month hardly enough time for them to go bad. I wash the jars in hot soapy water and remove any labels then polace in boiling water for a short time then fill with the still hot pepper mix, tighten the lid and allow to cool a little before refrigerating

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