Pepper Sauce (Besserabian Style) Vegan!

Introduction: Pepper Sauce (Besserabian Style) Vegan!


this is a wonderful recipe from my granny which makes perfect use of the vegetables that are widely available and reasonably priced at the end of the summer. Variations of this recipe are very popular all of the Balkan and in areas around the black sea. This style is from Besserabia ( where germany and balcan cusine melted.
Canned it will bring you through the winter times and you end up with a stash of yummy fast food. Add it to pasta and you will have a very quick and very tasty meal or eat it on top of a toasted and buttered up thick slice of dark bread and you end up with a healthy treat. You can basically drench everything in it and end up with something tasty (i.e. pimping up left overs).
It does take a while and involves a lot of vegetable cutting, but therefor it's also a great project for families and circle of friends. In Macedonia they do celebrate it around big simmering pots of it with friends and neighbors.

enjoy making and eating it

P.S.: Attached you will find a film with all the detailed steps to make your own.

Step 1: Ingredients

you need:

4 pounds bell peppers (yellow, red, no green ones)
2 pounds onions
2 pounds carrots
2 pounds tomatoes
olive oil (or other good oils like canola or sefflower)
black pepper powder
2-3 chilli peppers
one big pot

Depending on the size of your pot double or triple the ingredients. If you have neighbors and friends you can't make to much.

Step 2: The Way to Do It!

- cut onions and fry them until they turn brownish
- clean carrots, rasp them, add them
- clean the bell peppers, remove the stem, cut them into little pieces, add them
- clean tomatoes, remove the stalk, cut them in pieces, add them
- add salt and pepper, chilli peppers
- stir them all the regularly,
- let everything simmer until the smell fills the room and the neighbors come to find out about it

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Without downloading the movie, what weight of tomatoes are there?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hello Pattus,

    sorry about this mistake. It's 2 pounds tomatoes that will be needed.