Ole Peppermint Shot Glass

Introduction: Ole Peppermint Shot Glass

The peppermint shot glasses are a sturdy replacement for traditional glass shot glasses. It has a sturdy structure, smells great and doesn't decrease in taste over shelf life . But it does have a sticky when it is held.


tabletop stove

2 bags of peppermints


karo fructose corn syrup

stirring utensil

shot glass mold silicone

three plastic bags

sauce pan

Step 1:

first remove all of the plastic wrappers from the peppermints

Step 2:

then I triple bagged it since I'm going to use gravity to crush the peppermints

Step 3:

I simply tossed the bag up in the air allowed the bag to come crashing down on the hard floor till it became very powdery. 8-9 tosses up in air

Step 4:

pour it back into the bowl

don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect

Step 5:

then i poured bowl of peppermint smithereens into the saucepan haven't turned on heat yet

Step 6:

then put in half cup of fructose corn syrup

put it on low heat 4-5

and stir constantly

Step 7:

this early but once you see that few peppermints are melting flip them on harder peppermints creating a blanket of heat but keep stirring or it will burn.

Step 8:

when it becomes smoother raise it to higher temperature to melt the stuff that make peppermints hard.

Step 9:

once it becomes very thin and easily stirred pour into shots silicone mold

Step 10:

prematurely pop one out before allowing to cool in refrigerator just to make sure everything is good

and if everything is good and formed put in the refrigerator if not then don't have high hopes for the others

and its important to take the sauce pan off heat then put it and sink and run hot water its hard to get the peppermint out of saucepan if just put in the sink.

Step 11:

can handle acidic beverages just not boiling hot mixtures

its minty mate!

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