Introduction: Pepsi Perfect Bottle – Back to the Future 2

The Pepsi Perfect bottle in Back to the Future 2 is one of the most iconic props ever and the Official Pepsi Perfect bottles can be hundreds of dollars online and aren't movie accurate. I'll show you has you can make your own that's more accurate at a fraction of the cost.

Step 1: Research

A good reference photo for the project.

Step 2: Buy the Materials

– Deep Blue
– Silver
– Clear Gloss

Curved Bottle:
I used a 30.4 ounce Core Natural water bottle. It's about 12 inches tall, so it's a little larger than the prop used in the movie, but the smaller bottle Core sells looks really fat compared to the larger one. I bought mine at a local grocery store for $2 a piece. If you can't find them locally, Amazon sells a 12 pack for $35.

– Cardstock Paper
– Masking Tape
– Spray Adhesive
– 2 liter Pepsi (I used 'Pepsi-Cola Made With Real Sugar' because that's what Pepsi has used in their Limited Edition release)

Core Natural on Amazon:

Step 3: Paint the Top of the Bottle

– First you'll want to remove the water (obviously...) Drink it if you'd like, but I think this water tastes awful so I just dumped it.

– You'll need to remove the blue cap on the Core Natural water bottle. This is really simple, just tighten the cap and pull up on the cap.

– The prop in the movie has a small strip of silver between the cap and the rest of the bottle. I found that applying the masking tape in small strips is much easier than trying to line up one large strip. Be sure to but some paper over the exposed plastic to avoid overspray. Apply a few coats of paint and let it dry for about an hour.

Step 4: Labels

– Take the Pepsi Perfect Logo image I've added and add it to Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or whatever you prefer and size the image to 2.5" x 2.5" (or something really close to that. You can try printing different logo sizes to see what you like, 2.5" x 2.5" worked best for me. Then print on cardstock paper.

– After cutting out the logo add a few layers of clear gloss. This will give the logo a nice sheen to the logo.

– After you let the clear gloss dry it's time to add the logos to the bottles. The logos will be pretty stiff from the clear gloss so you will need to bend the paper so it fits agains the bottle. Be careful not to crease the logo!

– Now it's time to glue the logo to the bottle. I like to use spray adhesive since it sticks forever. Adding the logo with spray adhesive can be finicky, follow the directions on your spray adhesive, after putting the logo on the bottle you'll need to press down the logo to the bottle. I just pressed the entire bottle to my forearm.

Step 5: Paint the Cap

– You'll want to do a few coats of blue paint both on the outside an inside of the cap to make sure the cap isn't translucent.

– Add the clear gloss to add some extra shine

– Then let it sit overnight, then reattach the cap to the bottle (this might take some force).

Step 6: Add Pepsi to the Bottle

– Pretty self explanatory... I liked using a funnel.

Step 7: Add to Your Shelf and Enjoy!

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