Perfect Hot Chocolate (instant)!

Introduction: Perfect Hot Chocolate (instant)!

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This is an instructable all about how to make the perfect hot chocolate! I am going to be using instant powder, but that is touch and go (well for me anyway) whether it will actually taste nice and of chocolate, or, as I have found, burn your mouth and tongue then taste of just water! This is a way to make sure your hot chocolate tastes nice every time so you can relax!

Step 1: Ingredients ...

You will need:
• A kettle
• Water
• Hot chocolate powder (Cadbury 's)
• Milk (I used semi skimmed)
• A mug
• A spoon (teaspoon, preferably plastic)
• Mini marshmallows (for a treat !)

Step 2: Fill

First fill up your kettle with water!
It depends how many mugs you need to how much you put in, I used it a quarter full! :)
Start to boil your kettle!

Step 3: Prep Your Mug !

Add into your mug 3 heaped teaspoons of hot chocolate powder!
Now add milk to about a third full and stir until there is no lumps (or when the kettle boils) and it should resemble a almost gooey chocolatley syrup!

Step 4: Pour

Pour the boiled water into your mug until it reaches about 1 cmish away from the brim ! It should create a delicious foamy top too, like in a café!

Step 5: Add Marshmallows

Add marshmallows into your cup, it could be your lucky number or just until the cup looks full! You could let them melt into the drink, or slurp up straightaway!

Step 6: Enjoy !

I hope you enjoyed making your perfect hot chocolate and that this instructable was useful to you!
Bye for now

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5 months ago

definitely have to try this now


3 years ago

I would recommend not using a plastic spoon unless it is heat safe, otherwise, use silverware. If you use a plastic spoon that is not heat safe it can melt a bit, but an unnoticeable amount of melting, and the particles of the plastic will be floating around in your drink, which you will obviously consume, and it could harm you. I had that experience once and it isn't very fun. So I would highly recommend a heat safe plastic spoon if you are determined by using plastic; otherwise, use a silverware. Just looking out for other's safety. :D :3


4 years ago

I just found Cadbury's Chocolate at the local grocery store. I grabbed it up. now for a nice perfect hot cup of chocolate.


7 years ago